My First Blog Post ever! How exciting!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my blog pertaining to my writing works, primarily on the Brinks in Time series.  I am truly excited to finally get this series off the ground with The Legend of Valendri’s Relic, which will be released soon via Amazon.

I started writing this series over ten years ago, where it started off as a simple school project for a radio drama.  Now it has become a cornerstone in my thoughts and I have worked hard through the years to tell a clear, exciting, and emotional story that teens and adults alike can enjoy.

My love for the fantasy genre is why I started writing it.  I always grew up around the sci-fi/fantasy between Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  I also played more of the Final Fantasy video games than I care to admit. Add in a love for reading and my imagination was in full throttle.

Although Valendri’s Relic was not originally intended to be the first released book, I decided that it painted a good introductory picture of the world of Gyyerlith just before we meet the real heroes and villains.  It also brought out some of the important themes that will carry on throughout each story.

For now I will stop here.  I will post more in the coming days.  Thanks for reading!



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