Day 2

Well, figured out why I couldn’t get the blog working.  Apparently it was user error.  My bad.  Least I got it going, so that’s good.

Tomorrow I should be getting the first draft of the book cover back.  I’m hoping it looks good so I can begin moving forward.  Then I just need to find a copy editor to look over and maybe review the work and then it should be good to go.

Figured I would spend a paragraph or two just explaining what is going to make this series stand out against the rest.  The fantasy genre is pretty competitive, after all.

One thing I thing makes mine stand out will be the aspect of time travel and how its treated.  I know we’ve all at one time or another looked back at something, wondering what it would be like if we went back and changed it.  In this story, the characters have the opportunity.  But they will also find out that changing something, even if seemingly small and insignificant, can have consequences and the responsibility to deal with those consequences is one of the many themes of the series.

Although I won’t get too deep into how the time travel occurs in a medieval-type setting (have to wait until A Mage’s Odyssey for that), its not something like Back to the Future where they need to go a certain speed.  As the characters will learn there are many different forms of time travel, all having a different process and set of rules.  The one constant for all of them: They can only travel to that moment once.

Gonna call it a night.  Almost midnight and need sleep.  Until the next time I write.


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