Hello everyone.  Figured I would take some time (sorry for the pun) to talk about, well, time.  Some could say the word follows me around.  The first play I ever performed in high school was called Unspoken in Time. The screenplay I did for my Honors Capstone is called The Love Before Time.  My novel series is called Brinks in Time.  Time after Time is my favorite song (okay, that is a lie lol).  Only Time by Enya did however inspire the Brinks in Time series title.  Anywho, I think everyone gets the point.

Why is time one of those words that is attracted to me?  I do admit that time travel and being about to go back would be pretty cool.  A part of that desire might even be because there are things that I wish I could go back in time and change.  Heck, I wrote a novel series where that aspect serves during key parts of it.  Why would we want to change time?  For me, it would be trying to correct past regrets.  Past mistakes.  We all make them.  But I take my mistakes hard.  I try to learn from them, but sometimes it hits so hard and so fast, it takes longer to comprehend.  Regardless of how much I would love the ability to do that, the truth of the matter is that we can’t.

There is probably scientific ways of going back in time.  Avengers: End Game showed it.  Other, probably more unrealistic, ways were shown through Back to the Future of Terminator.  Regardless, we aren’t to that point yet.  And even if we did, changing time would probably be impossible.

There is always the saying that time heals.  I am not sure whether that is true or not.  Hasn’t been that much of a healer in the past for me.  I hope it is, especially with my current situation.  All I know is that I do believe that we, as people, tend to get angry about things and as a result, decide not to see or talk to that person.  At the time, it seems like a good idea.  In the long haul, the major thing lost is time with that person or people.  We can never gain that lost time back.  No amount of money has ever bought a second of time (from Avengers: End Game).  We all don’t know when our time is up in this world.  Could be 40 years years from now.  Could be tomorrow.  The deaths of two friends last year at the ages of 36 and 39 showed me that you just never know.  I have never been that angry at a person to know how that would even feel.  I know I can be naive and not understand why something happens, however.  If I could go back and change the mistakes I made, I would.  I have made many over the years.  I’ll probably continue to make more.  As long as we don’t define a person based off their biggest mistakes and instead off the good they’ve done, that would help hasten the healing process.  Not sure if that is something time can do, but it must have for someone otherwise where did the saying come from?

In conclusion, cherish every relationship you have and enjoy the time with those people.  I truly hope time will heal the most current wounds for me.  For others going through rough times as well, I hope that it does for you as well.


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